Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/11

13:12 aza3333 I'm having trouble getting a bloom filter to return relevant blocks. How can I minimise the false positive rate (I'm on testnet and no privacy concerns)?
13:49 belcher aza3333 have you read this?
13:49 belcher in the limit of p -> 0, log(p) becomes infinitely large and negative so nFilterBytes = BYTES_MAX
13:50 belcher so just set nFilterBytes = BYTES_MAX to get the smallest fp rate
14:32 nazarewk how can i "safely" retrieve all transaction on my bitcoind node's wallet?
14:32 nazarewk my node is instantly crashing on listsinceblock
14:32 nazarewk and after a while of iterating over listtransactions 500 by 500
14:32 nazarewk (i'm on t2.small and have few years worth of service transactions)
17:59 topi` hi folks. any advice on how to debug locks/mutexes with the boost library? My C++ skills are probably 25 years behind times.