Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/06

09:53 ptolemaus is it correct that if I send 200 btc from 1 input to 1 output there should be no different transaction fee than if I send 0.05 btc from 1 input to 1 output?
10:09 phantomcircuit ptolemaus, yes
10:18 ptolemaus thx
18:58 ptolemaus how do I know if my RPC server already knows the input transactions and private keys for the passed transaction which needs to be signed?
18:58 ptolemaus I want to sign a raw transaction but the API provides multiple possibilities.
18:59 ptolemaus I do use CreateRawTransaction previously
19:00 arubi you can tell if the wallet knows about the keys with the ismine command. it accepts an address
20:36 arubi ptolemaus, arg, it's "validateaddress" not ismine . sorry
22:34 ptolemaus arubi, thank you