Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/04

00:18 belcher #bitcoin is better for that
08:06 ap4lmtree hi
08:14 goatpig hi
19:50 GypsyScotty Where it appears that the bitcoin core dev ream is deprecatring the "accounts" features, does anybody know the recommended means for keeping track of "accounts" and segregating transactions to "accounts".... perhaps it's now recommended we do this on our own by correlating issued addresses to specific accounts in our own database, but I'm not yet seeing anywhere that this is indicated.
19:50 GypsyScotty Does anybody know the recommended approach, or if this feature is being replace by something better?
19:51 GypsyScotty for example:
20:45 edcba GypsyScotty: i think you shouldn't really think about accounts with bitcoin
20:45 GypsyScotty i shouldn't?
20:46 GypsyScotty it's pretty critical to keep transactions separated by accounts in the application I am writing.
20:47 edcba i doubt that
20:47 GypsyScotty Is there some phylisophicial ideaology you are aware of that I am not in regards to accounts and bitcoin?
20:47 edcba just track account balance outside of bitcoin client ?
20:47 edcba i'm aware there is no "from" address :)
20:48 edcba as it is said in the topic
20:48 GypsyScotty ok?
20:49 edcba so then you only have transactions that are outputted to addresses that you control then there is no really accounts
20:49 GypsyScotty I understand there are no from addresses. but payment attribution and correlation is pretty important in commerce applications.
20:50 edcba then just track transactions
20:58 GypsyScotty lol, thank you for the advice. I have little desire to belabor ideaologies, nor do I think it necessary to discuss all the details of the software applications I work on, but I do hope members of the channel are wise enough to not make assumptions that they understand what I'm trying to accomplish. I will re-word my question. I was attempting to ask if there are any official recommendations
20:58 GypsyScotty for keeping addresses correlated to accounts. I'm presuming there are not, and if so, then it would be left to a software engineer to keep track of which addresses are issued to whom and to perform these correlations within their own software and database. Does anybody have any definite and specific knowledge in regards to this? Your ideas, thoughts, and advice are greatly appreciated.
21:23 GypsyScotty So, I'm querying bitcoin core for an address, then i tie that address to a user account in my local database, and after that I'm at intervieal polling the blockchain to determine if an address has received and increased balance from what it previously had, then I'm addributing the increase to that user account. Does anybody know if this is the best way to do this, or if there is a better
21:23 GypsyScotty way?
21:24 GypsyScotty ** pardon my typos :-)
21:26 GypsyScotty hrmmm... thinking through this, perhaps I should be runing the RPC "ListTransactions" developer-reference#listsinceblock and checking these transactions against the account addresses I have issued in my database. That probably would be less taxing on the system since I should be able to ignore previously accounted for transactions.
21:27 GypsyScotty oops, that url wasn't my intention. this one was:
21:39 GypsyScotty not sure how well "listtransactions" will work with a high volume of transactions though..
21:44 edcba you still can write your own bitcoin client
21:48 GypsyScotty I suppose, albeit probably a tangent from what I'm working on. I'm having no issue interacting with the blockchain via the bitcoin core json rpc interface.
21:48 GypsyScotty interesing idea though
21:51 edcba i think the easiest is still giving up the rpc shitty api and parse wire protocol behind a bitcoin core client that will validate all for you
21:54 GypsyScotty hummm, I'm curious about your reasons for claiming the rpc api is "shitty"... Should I presume I will run into significant bugs? or performance issues? also, do you mind elaborating on the "wire Protocol" ?
21:55 edcba no there are no bugs hopefully lol
21:55 edcba it doesn't necessarily expose what you want
21:55 GypsyScotty what do i want?
21:55 edcba dunno
21:56 GypsyScotty right