Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/02

02:22 dconroy i built this opensource crypto price tracker for ethereum and bitcoin, supports 6 exchanges. check it out, feedback welcome
10:09 austindoggie Hi developers!
15:31 ren0v0 Hi, i've copied the blockchain and i'm trying to run the bitcoin-abc fork with it, but it has blocks after the "fork". Is there a way to prune invalid blocks somehow ?
17:08 cellvia why dont you copy the bitcoin-abc blockchain ?
17:24 ptolemaus What bitcoin libraries does mixer software use (for transactions et al)?
17:31 Austindoggie Hi im a software engineer new to Bitcoin, looking forward to contributing however i can to bitcoin. Hi devs! :)
17:37 eck ren0v0: invalidateblock
17:38 eck ren0v0: I was able to successfully rewind bitcoin core and get bitcoin-abc working using it yesterday
18:21 rromanch_ <--- anyone know where i can pick up this file
18:21 rromanch_ it's 404ing
18:22 cfields rromanch_: sec, will fix
18:22 rromanch_ thx
18:25 cfields rromanch_:
18:25 cfields just rename it
18:26 cfields working on fixing the link
18:26 rromanch_ cfields: perfect, thanks
18:45 cfields rromanch_: link fixed. you may want to grab that one to be sure that the checksum matches
19:24 cluelessperson So I lack the programming skill for now, to do much for the bitcoin protocol itself, not even able to make a wallet yet.
19:24 cluelessperson How can I apply my devops skills towards helping you guys out?
19:26 arubi are you gonna answer me in pm or not cluelessperson ? :)
20:32 yellowsphere hi, i'm junior c++ dev. can i help someone for interesting experience