Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/01

01:51 EPiSKiNG- would y'all say that is a legit source?
01:51 EPiSKiNG- <--- looking decent to me...
02:03 grubles EPiSKiNG-, ya
02:03 grubles it is
09:24 sarva hello, I had a question about Segwit description at
09:24 sarva It states "A witness commitment is included in the coinbase transaction, adding between 38 and 47 bytes"
09:27 sarva My understanding is that a coinbase output will contain the witness commitment. As the output contains three fields (nValue 8 bytes, scriptPubKeyLen 1 to 9 bytes, scriptPubKey 38 bytes), how can it add less than 47 bytes?
11:49 nanashi__ hello, what is happening today?
12:00 nanashi__
13:39 SopaXorzTaker MY PRIVKEY IS KzW24Gqa1srGzYsWmmoKwsAWLv1USK4KF6iuJucJGa1mBUbQUqY3
13:39 SopaXorzTaker HELP ME SPLIT BCC
13:55 xenog SopaXorzTaker, OMG, move those coins out of that key right now!
13:55 goatpig ...
13:56 goatpig dont be an idiot, import your keys in the bcc wallet and spend from there
13:56 goatpig send back to yourself at first to make sure their replay protection is actually working
13:56 goatpig then cycle your XBT wallet cause you went around exposing the key to another piece of software
13:56 goatpig done
14:57 nanashi__ how i import L3WJpcZkdALsKfsxkBhvkbk8yqrCSUFn4iSvjw1ysvnwR4EF484W
15:39 jimpo Is anyone actively working on implementing BIP 151 in Core?
19:18 edcba i have a question about the fork: has unreconciliable transactions happened already ?
23:11 Murch edcba: BCH and BTC use different transaction formats, therefore all transactions that happened since the last shared blocks are invalid on the respective other chain.