Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/29

00:55 Mad7Scientist arubi, kinlo I think the database keeps a checksum of the blocks. If there is a drive error then it will say block checksum error as it has in the past. Maybe this is some kind of other bug where bad data was put in the block somehow. Anyway reindex is working but it hasn't made it back to the failed block yet.
01:00 kinlo Mad7Scientist: bitcoin blocks are based on all checksums, the blockhash *is* a checksum, the question is not wether checksums are present, the question is wether they are validated
01:02 kinlo anyway, bedtime, afk
02:22 Mad7Scientist kinlo, I have gotten the block checksum error ... database corrupted message before
06:46 cluelessperson Curious, has anyone worked to outline general procedures/guidelines for bitcoin usage and storage?
12:34 bryyan is this the thread I would use If I were looking to make a custom Bitcoin node modelled after the "standard" Bitcoin node?
12:37 molz Mad7Scientist, are you downloading the chain on windows?
12:39 bryyan no I'm on Linux, currently no node running
12:40 Mad7Scientist molz, not right now
12:40 Mad7Scientist 2017-07-28 18:57:36 ERROR: CheckBlock(): hashMerkleRoot mismatch
12:40 Mad7Scientist 2017-07-28 18:57:36 ERROR: ConnectTip(): ConnectBlock 0000000000000000a1f9ebf7133fd368bb4378b2ca4aba31975127bc5cf1f3b6 failed
12:41 bryyan er nvm the 2nd thing I mentioned, I joined this channel after some stuff was posted
12:41 Mad7Scientist That was yesterday's error but now I'm doing -reindex
12:44 molz Mad7Scientist, if i were you i would just redownload the chain using the latest version
12:44 Mad7Scientist ok
12:45 Mad7Scientist What developmental software has been used to build the Windows bitcoin core?
12:45 molz you can use linux to build windows bitcoin
12:46 Mad7Scientist oh wow
12:48 bryyan I have used Linux's gcc to build packages for alternate distrobutions as well as architectures (on powerPC compiling for AMD64)
12:49 bryyan as well as using Make I think you'll find those tools quite useful for cross-compilation in the Linux world
17:01 raphieson
22:19 eck why does the dumpwallet command produce two keys for each hdpath? is that related to lowS/highS, or something else?
22:27 achow101 eck: no, lowS/highS has nothing to do with keys
22:29 achow101 its from encryption
22:29 achow101 when you encrypt the wallet, a new hd master key is generated and derivation begins from 0 there