Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/25

01:33 kellytk With BCC forking, if any liquidity follows it, could one make a service where people give access to their bitcoin on BCC, the service immediately trades it for real bitcoin, takes 10%, and disperses the remaining 90% back to the bitcoin holder, *without* giving the service access to the user's real bitcoin?
01:33 kellytk I'm thinking about it as a profit-motivated remediating service against contentious chain hard fork attacks on bitcoin that would be easy for large numbers of bitcoin holders to use without doing any actual work
06:16 omarshibli @floog, whitepaper is a good start, after that it depends on your style, some prefer to deep dive into the code rather than docs, if you want to start with BIPs, focus on the Application layer BIPs, other layers less relevant, if you want to jump to the code, i can recommend and , good luck.
13:39 GypsyScotty I heard that "accounts" in the bitcoin core are depricated and will be removed in future versions. Referencing I do see many related methods going away, but I see many "account" related methods which don't appear to be marked as depricated. Does anybody know what the official status in regards to this is? or perhaps could point me in the
13:39 GypsyScotty right direction?
13:40 GypsyScotty I'm tentively planning on using the "accounts" feature for an appication I'm working on, but I don't need any of the methods marked as depricated.
14:13 Victorsueca GypsyScotty: in the bitcoin core RPC console, if you ask help any account-related command, for example `bitcoin-cli help sendfrom` you should be able to see DEPRECATED all in caps in the help text
14:17 GypsyScotty Victorsueca: thank you very much :-)
14:19 Victorsueca no problem