Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/24

12:29 adiabat Hey - I think there is a problem with a wallet
12:29 adiabat sending to a zero pubkey hash
12:30 adiabat not sure if I can post an address here without getting banned but
12:30 adiabat 14p5cGy5DZmtNMQwTQiytBvxMVuTmFMSyU
12:30 adiabat pretty sure that's the hash of 21000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ac
12:30 adiabat in the last few days, a bunch of coins have been sent to that address, most likely in error & lost forever
12:35 goatpig is there some altcoin ICO with a burn under way?
12:35 adiabat It may be breadwallet; they have a recent update with a bunch of code that deals with pointers & key derivation
12:36 adiabat I looked into this because someone got this address on a breadwallet android install, then wrote the address down
12:36 adiabat he said "hey, the address I generated has 3 bitcoins on it! great!"
12:36 adiabat this may be malware / a bad apk out there, or it may be a bug in key derivation
12:38 adiabat seems possible if you have a bad pointer to your private key, and that gets sent in to a pubkey fom privkey, which then gets turned into the 14p5cG... address
12:53 uvarovserge messagePrefix: '\x18Bitcoin Signed Message:\n',
12:54 uvarovserge what does \x18 means? why 0x18?
12:54 uvarovserge litecoin has 0x19
14:36 Emcy hey. Do you know upnp in bitcoind does not seem to refresh a mapping periodically/automatically
14:37 Emcy so if the gateway loses its mapping (by reboot perhaps) bitcoin will lose incoming peer capability
15:42 woodface can i change the static const int64 MAX_MONEY without to have to ganerate new genesis block ?
17:47 adiabat hey if anyone knows the breadwallet devs, I posted this issue:
17:47 adiabat
17:48 adiabat it's quite serious as I think it is resulting in lost funds
17:48 adiabat so I want to get their attention it asap, not sure if they're on IRC or what
17:53 grubles adiabat, looks like you got a response
17:53 grubles on github
20:41 omarshibli adiabat, any luck? I saw this commit on github
22:17 floog I want to develop my own bitcoin client as a project, is reading the whitepaper enough? Or what else do I need to know?
22:19 goatpig read the BIPs too
22:23 Dizzle The Bitcoin Wiki is pretty great for this task. The interesting thing about the protocol itself is that it is up to the clients on the network what is acceptable and what is transmitted, hence "reference clients" can be used as a reference for the protocol and consensus rules.
23:29 woodface can i change the static const int64 MAX_MONEY without to have to ganerate new genesis block ?