Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/23

02:48 Chicago amosbird, On a first glance of your initial link, it looks like you're missing boost dev packages.
02:48 Chicago "undefined reference to foo"
02:49 Chicago paulo_, I really think anybody who absolutely wants to make their own OS X wallet should be using the Gitian process.
07:14 amosbird Chicago: well...
07:15 amosbird I've installed the distro's boost-devel package as well as a manual built one
12:08 Provoostenator I'd like to try out Gitian. Is there anything useful I can sign or verify? I know there's talk of a v0.14.3 / v0.14.2.1 release due to BIP91 activation, but that might too early.
19:01 uvarovserge how do I "listtransactions" for the address, not an account?
19:07 arubi listreceivedbyaddress
19:07 arubi if you're not watching that address (or it isn't yours), then you can't know
19:07 arubi well, you just don't track it. there's no point
19:08 arubi but there's a forked client that allows it, addrindex I belive
19:09 uvarovserge well that's unfortunate. thanks for the answer arubi
19:09 arubi it's not so bad. you could just run the addrindex client
19:10 arubi (or watch the address specifically if it's just a few)
19:10 uvarovserge well I was hoping for altcoins to have that as well, but I don't think they have addrIndex or that it can be merged safely and quickly
19:12 arubi ah, I don't know about that
19:46 melik hi guys i'm trying to build a static binary /w libs compiled into it on Mac OS (basically a portable binary)
19:46 melik does anyone know the flags i need to pass to ./configure to achieve this, thank you! and i apologize if this is a dumb question :/
20:06 arubi melik, I build on osx at work last week, just followed the document
20:07 arubi built a dmg file with the release