Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/22

12:51 amosbird I'd like to develop a new bitcoin. Is there an minimal example project exists?
12:51 amosbird hi
13:46 instagibbs amosbird, heard about an altcoin project called "btc1", they might be interested in help
13:46 amosbird thanks
13:47 conman lol
14:26 amosbird hmm, could anyone help me with this compilation error ?
14:26 amosbird thanks
15:07 waxwing anyone have a clue what would cause this when starting up bitcoind regtest?:
15:07 waxwing error code: -28
15:07 waxwing error message:
15:07 waxwing Loading wallet...
15:19 arubi waxwing, very large wallet?
15:32 amosbird hmm
15:33 amosbird I just checked out the master branch in centos 7 but failed to compile it
15:34 arubi amosbird, see this:
15:35 arubi and this:
15:35 arubi might help
15:35 amosbird hmm
15:35 amosbird mine is due to the boost link error
15:36 amosbird
15:36 arubi not sure amosbird, I didn't look at your paste. also haven't built core on centos 7 myself
15:37 amosbird ok
19:40 paulo_ hello
19:41 paulo_ do you recommend building in macOS?