Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/21

15:30 nerdcore by bitcoind is reporting a corrupted db and asks "Do you want to rebuild the block database now?" then exits to the shell. Any idea how I can rectify this?
15:40 phantomcircuit nerdcore, bitcoind -reindex
15:40 nerdcore thx
15:41 nerdcore trying that now seems to be working
20:54 mark619 how can i create a bitcoin web wallet
20:55 mark619 can i use bitcoin api and develop the same using php
20:57 mark619 whois
20:59 Dizzle mark619: you could point at an API like that to get started. Ideally, you would have control over your wallet's connection to the network, e.g. by running a full Bitcoin node. Bitcoin Core's bitcoind supplies a JSON-RPC API you can use to communicate between your wallet backend and the Bitcoin network it is attached to.
21:02 mark619 do i need to maintain user transactions in backend if use bitcoin api
21:06 mark619 could u plz explain what do u mean by control over your wallet's connection
21:14 mark619 plz help