Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/20

00:37 phantomcircuit Mad7Scientist, -reindex will ignore blocks with bad checksums
00:37 phantomcircuit it leaves the data there but you download the block again
00:38 phantomcircuit also yeah generally external hdds are crap quality
02:31 Mad7Scientist phantomcircuit, removing it revealed that it's refurbished Maxtor 300GB
10:36 waxwing i kept meaning to ask here, does anyone know what the current expected approach is for bip39/44 wallets w.r.t segwit? P2sh/p2wpkh presumably, but what about bip32 paths?
12:09 instagibbs waxwing, no standard outisde of maybe BIP49
12:09 instagibbs afaik
12:09 waxwing oh another bip, cool!
12:10 instagibbs not sure it has more than minimal support... I don't understand why wallet devs arent coordinating on a new standard :)
12:10 waxwing right i should probably be investigating like trezor and so on. does seem like it would be nice if some people had decided.
12:12 waxwing i agree with that bip in as much as i came to the conclusion it's less confusing to use a different branch. so they're going with 49' .. seems logical.
12:12 instagibbs not the worst idea I guess
12:12 waxwing also further highlights that this stuff should not be in BIP, or at least should be a different "branch" of BIP
12:13 waxwing since bitcoin developers need have zero interest in it.
13:05 waxwing instagibbs: thanks for the twitter ping, i feel like, ask 10 wallet developers and get 15 different opinions :)
13:13 takinbo clear
14:29 instagibbs waxwing, I was thinking of asking 10 to get 15 :)
14:29 instagibbs oh whoops, transposed numbers :P
15:10 adiabat waxwing: address derivation standards are, unfortunately, all over the palce
15:11 instagibbs I tell users to never assume a wallet can be recovered cross-platform unless explicit support is given
15:11 adiabat there's a compatibility matrix linked here:
15:21 instagibbs for the most part BIP44 seems to work well
15:25 adiabat I like bip44, I think a lot of the incompatibility may be path dependence where wallets already set up their own thing before bip44 was really established
15:26 instagibbs yes for sure, you can't willy-nilly switch out from underneath
16:22 moeadham Hey folks. Anyone know of a testnet segwit transaction that has more than one input I can take a look at?
17:33 adiabat moeadham: faa8a228740f7ad091870c88c9b5041489ace83624c49f66174479f6576573cc
17:33 adiabat has 507 inputs
18:54 moeadham thanks adiabat
19:15 dgenr8 adiabat: you and your path independence