Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/15

05:59 arubi Lightsword, this seems like it's rejecting blocks with bit 1 set. I didn't check further yet
06:04 arubi false alarm, seems like bit 9 requirement :)
19:23 mmgen Anyone have experience with regtest mode?
19:24 Chris_Stewart_5 mmgen: Yes
19:25 mmgen I'm trying to activate segwit on my chain using -blockversion, but it's not working
19:25 Chris_Stewart_5 mmgen: I think if you generate ~500 blocks segwit will be activated
19:25 mmgen thought it was 144
19:26 mmgen I'll try 500
19:26 Chris_Stewart_5 I don't know the exact block count tbh, I just know if I generate ~500 blocks it activates
19:26 Chris_Stewart_5 144 might be the period to have it locked in
19:31 mmgen It worked
19:31 mmgen "segwit": {
19:31 mmgen "status": "active",
19:31 mmgen "startTime": 0,
19:31 mmgen "timeout": 999999999999,
19:31 mmgen "since": 1584
19:31 mmgen }
19:33 mmgen sipa changed the confirmation window to 144. It's in chainparams.cpp
19:36 mmgen Chris_Stewart_5: but you have to set the block version, don't you?
19:37 mmgen Chris_Stewart_5: I did anyway
19:38 Chris_Stewart_5 mmgen: I literally did nothing but generate like 500 blocks. Sorry, I don't have a precise answer for you :/
19:38 Chris_Stewart_5 so if you generate 144 blocks segwit is fully actvie now?
19:38 mmgen Interesting. Then there's some magic there somewhere.
19:38 Chris_Stewart_5 in 0.14.2?
19:39 mmgen I first set the block version to signal for bit 1
19:39 mmgen then generated the blocks
19:39 mmgen fewer than 500
19:40 mmgen As you can see, it's active now