Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/12

16:39 waxwing how does the estimatefee rpc change for segwit? i know it's supposed to be fee per weight in segwit, but what unit will it use, or is there some new rpc call?
17:02 instagibbs waxwing, no change at all
17:02 instagibbs it's virtual transaction size, which includes discount
17:03 instagibbs basically the weight/4, or there abouts
17:03 waxwing right, got it
17:03 waxwing oh hang on, why 'thereabouts'?
17:34 instagibbs some sigops counting stuff something something
17:35 instagibbs
17:35 synapse Been trying to find the answer to this but no luck. I often see mentioned "the bitcoin network" and "broadcast to the network". Now what magic is going on behind the scenes when you hit submit and broadcast to the network? Specifically, is there a single address that points to this network? I'm a little confused...what constitutes the network? a bunch of servers or what?
17:39 arubi synapse, you just tell everyone you're connected with
17:39 arubi and they tell others connected to them
17:39 arubi maybe "announce to the network" is better
17:40 synapse ok but who are you announcing to? Is there an address and a port?
17:40 waxwing instagibbs: oh, thanks
17:41 arubi synapse, it's like any other software on the internet, so yes an address and port
17:42 arubi you're telling other nodes connected to you. they might run any node software they like
17:43 arubi assuming the first "hello" between you went ok, they'll do whatever they want with your transaction (relay, drop, keep..)
17:43 synapse so basically these nodes represent computers that are running the bitcoin wallet?
17:43 arubi most folks run normal nodes so eventually a transaction you relay to your peers is propagated to almost all the network
17:43 arubi yea, hopefully :)
17:46 synapse thanks arubi it's a little clearer
17:47 arubi np
17:48 synapse Besides from the bitcoin wallets that run on a computer does anything else contribute to becoming a node in the network
17:50 arubi like what? you really can't tell a potato running a small device that only does handshakes from a full node
17:52 arubi I'm exaggerating probably. a very passive node might be detectable if you track it for a while, but still
17:55 synapse sorry arubi your last comments have thrown me
17:55 waxwing synapse: there's a range of different nodes, some normal Bitcoin Core wallets, some not actually wallets but acting on behalf of *other* software that runs a wallet (like a mobile wallet that looks at the user's own node), some wallets are literally just collecting data on other nodes and have no connection to any wallet. then businesses may have more complex setups, mining pools etc..
18:00 synapse waxwing thanks for your insight
18:01 waxwing sorry 'some wallets are literally..' should read 'some nodes are literally...'
18:02 arubi oh sorry, yea what waxwing said :)
18:02 waxwing tfw you type a number in the search bar and the right BIP comes up :)
18:03 arubi eg this peer is always connected to me:
18:03 arubi 17880 "" 21:01 8.32e+04 1.72e+05 17:26,11/07 0.56 "/
18:03 arubi :)
18:03 arubi and I can't even ban it because it's inbound
18:03 waxwing oh i get that bitcoin-russia one basically all the time too
18:04 arubi onlynet=onion
18:04 Dizzle For example, you can compile Bitcoin Core without wallet support. It can't generate and manage private keys, but it will repeat transactions and blocks that it deems valid to its peers.
18:05 arubi I boot it specifically, and it reconnects within seconds
18:13 instagibbs spy nodes yay