Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/09

04:08 maybefbi assuming double spending and money supply control problems are solved in some other way, do we still need the blockchain? won't a floodfill P2P network suffice instead?
07:12 joelsbeard I'm working on running a full node for this first time. I have a dedicated machine for it (which I'm on now). What is the main hardware constraint that makes running bitcoind slow. Should I get more RAM? Do I need an SSD? I feel like I'm doing something wrong
07:12 joelsbeard I have 4GB RAM and a spinning disk HD
07:12 joelsbeard 3GHz CPU
07:17 joelsbeard Sorry, wrong channel for this I think
12:43 lopp I'm trying to work out the math regarding bandwidth requirements for SPV clients. Can anyone point to some figures that calculate the bandwidth used by an SPV client to query for transactions in a given block after loading a bloom filter?
12:44 lopp Also interested to know if it's still standard practice for SPV clients to connect to 4 nodes and query each node (a figure I read somewhere on the bitcoin wiki)
12:49 lopp And on a related note, does anyone know how difficult it would be to modify Bitcoin Core to make it more performant with regard to the max number of peer connections it can sustain? I recall experimenting a few years ago and it became unstable with over 500 connections
16:58 ccapndave Anyone taken the Princeton cryptocurrency course on Coursera?