Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/08

15:56 Katronix Hi all, can someone tell me if is compatible with bitcoind ?
16:06 Katronix anyone here?
16:50 goatpig mebe
17:43 threeseas what is a good irc channel for dev of cryptocurrency like tech. i.e. cryptomeasure (only a value of 1 @ most) and crypto-vote.
17:53 grubles #bitcoin-wizards maybe?
17:53 grubles " This channel is for discussing theoretical ideas with regard to cryptocurrencies, not about short-term Bitcoin development"
18:24 threeseas grubles thanks, I'm just trying to find the right IRC channel. not about cryptocurrencies but like ub tech and definately not short term but to deal with global level issues, i.e. United Nations
18:25 threeseas -ub
18:26 threeseas I'm less than a rookie here.
18:31 threeseas Thanks again grubles