Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/04

08:43 Onemorenickname Hello people
08:44 Onemorenickname I'm trying to use
08:44 Onemorenickname I tested it 2 weeks ago, and it worked fine
08:44 Onemorenickname Now, I got a "NULL" result every time
08:44 Onemorenickname Any one got a similar issue ?
11:14 sturles When I do gettransaction on a transaction to a watch-only address as part of a walletnotify script, it reports the amount as 0.00000000, it does not report the address the transaction was received to and not the account either. Is this expected behaviour? (Compiled from git master just now.)
11:21 sturles Doh, I need to specify that I am interested in watchonly addresses..