Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/02

18:23 boreddanman anyone have experience with rails and websockets (AKA actioncables)?
18:23 boreddanman trying to make a bitcoin webapp but it needs notifications when payment is recieved
18:24 arubi -walletnotify
18:35 phantomcircuit boreddanman, your question isn't about bitcoin it's about rails
18:35 phantomcircuit try #rails or whatever it is
18:36 boreddanman fair enough
18:37 boreddanman join rails
18:37 boreddanman lol shit
19:57 rodarmor I recently read @petertodd's mail about segwit possibly further incentivizing validationless mining. Did prev-block-proof wind up happening?
20:18 petertodd rodarmor: no
20:19 rodarmor petertodd: Ah, too bad. It seems like a valid concern to me.
20:45 instagibbs it's not-not happening either