Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/07/01

01:52 helmsliu Hi bitcoins
01:57 helmsliu hey
01:57 helmsliu great song
11:30 karelb Hey. I am looking at this PR and the discussion here - - and I am confused
11:30 karelb how can nValue of an utxo be *negative*?
11:31 karelb nValue is the actual number in the previous tx output, right... how can there be a negative number? (or even zero?)
11:34 karelb Hm, the original scala BnB algorithm uses "effective value" which is value - COST_PER_INPUT... I don't see the code anywhere, maybe that's it... but then I don't see where it is actually calculated
11:48 karelb Ooooh, I am looking at the branch now, the effective value is calculated in wallet/wallet.cpp