Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/27

11:11 Eremes guys is the bitcoin network super busy now ? I sent btc from yesterday and it's still not get confirmed
11:36 midnightmagic Eremes: This isn't really the place to ask. But if you paid enough fees, it'll go through.
12:20 Eremes midnightmagic: i did pay 0.0005 BTc for the fee , is it too low ?
13:20 dermoth Anyone happen to know if the addition of a new block will be "atomic" for these two RPC commands: getblockhash and getrawmempool?
13:21 dermoth i.e. if I get the mempool then latest block hash, is there any way tx being added to a new block get removed from mempool before the latest block shows up in getblockhash?