Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/25

03:38 earlz Hi, not sure this is the place to discuss, but I know Bitcoin has a hard-fork wishlist. Will anything beyond 2Mb blocks be included in the new agreement for segwit+2Mb block hardfork?
12:19 graingert earlz: 2Mb can be done with a soft fork
12:20 graingert earlz: bitcoin blocks are currently 8Mb
12:20 graingert luke-jr: can you make a segwit+2Mb bip?
12:21 graingert luke-jr: eg 0.25 * the size
14:44 DrakeLuce I hope this isn't a beat-down or unallowed question, but:
14:45 DrakeLuce I'm interested in writing my own cryptocurrency, from scratch, without using any existing source code. I've got a good understanding of the language I'm writing it in, so no worries there
14:46 DrakeLuce Just curious if there's any existing good articles on the mechanisms of a scrypt (or sha256) currency, and how they interact
14:46 DrakeLuce Not looking for a step-by-step tutorial or anything. :)
14:54 DrakeLuce (this is for educational purposes, I'm not looking to make a serious altcoin or anything. Just want to more intimately understand cryptocurrencies)
15:26 graingert DrakeLuce: maybe make a bitcoin client?
15:26 graingert DrakeLuce: that's from scratch
15:29 graingert is it possible to change PoW with a softfork?
15:30 graingert eg clone bitcoin except it's got a different PoW, and you only get 10% of the block reward. Call this chain B. then all bitcoin blocks must mirror blocks from chain B.
15:30 graingert except they get 90% of the block reward
15:32 graingert then the main bitcoin chain can't go faster than chain B. and we can gradually move the block reward to 100% on chain B. and the bitcoin blockchain difficulty should just drop to 0
15:33 graingert eg after 7 years
15:33 DrakeLuce graingert: Well, a client and associated chain, I mean
15:33 graingert DrakeLuce: why not just be a bitcoin client
15:34 graingert then you get all the fun and it's a legit currency
15:34 DrakeLuce Because I want to learn the intricacies of hashing, merkle trees, proof of work, etc
15:34 DrakeLuce I'm in it to learn
15:34 DrakeLuce :p
15:35 graingert but if you make it a bitcoin client you'll get help in this channel
15:35 graingert maybe
15:35 DrakeLuce I suppose, but that's not really what I'm after
15:35 DrakeLuce Haha
15:37 DrakeLuce Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean
15:37 DrakeLuce Do you mean, a client that operates on the existing bitcoin blockchain?
15:59 graingert DrakeLuce: yes
16:09 graingert BlueMatt: pow change soft fork ^ ?
16:39 goatpig you could but it's damn ugly
16:39 goatpig and requires a lot of shoving data in the coinbase
16:39 goatpig which is already crowded enough
16:39 goatpig it's fairly unsafe too
16:42 BlueMatt graingert: its not really a "soft fork", cause the old-pow part can move faster than the "new-pow" chain to nodes which are not enforcing the soft fork
16:42 BlueMatt so you're like slowly phasing in a hf, and hoping incentives work out to make it a soft fork for a while
16:43 graingert goatpig: you don't need any data in the coinbase because the block should just mirror the B chain
16:44 graingert so there's an implicit releationship preserved by nodes enforcing the soft fork
16:44 graingert BlueMatt: true
16:44 graingert oh well I'll keep mulling on it
16:45 graingert BlueMatt: are there any discussions for this sort of thing where people have already done that?
16:45 goatpig regardless of how you deliver the the new pow, it's unsafe because nodes that aren't aware of the SF will see a weak old chain
16:45 graingert already thought through and discussed the problems *
16:45 goatpig and suddenly there's a whole lot of hardware for hte legacy pow laying around doing nothing