Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/24

01:56 kallewoof luke-jr: Done. (Also gave you push access in case I missed something.)
05:01 RainMan28 hello
05:01 RainMan28 i have my bitcoin core wallet set to pay a tx fee of 331 satoshis/Byte, but when it sends certain transactions it sends with a much higher fee (547 sat/B). Does anyone know why this would happen?
05:03 RainMan28 could it be because the transaction size is too small and its considered dust or something?
06:38 wumpus RainMan28: you used paytxfee?
06:39 wumpus yes, it might have been below the minimum for your own mempool to accept it
06:40 wumpus you can check 'mempoolminfee' in the `getmempoolinfo` RPC
20:48 Agro <Agro> so i was reading up about elliptic curve cryptography, is the reason that it is possible to derive the public key from the private key that the public point is fixed for bitcoin? from what i've read, i think i understand that there is a constant base point defined as part of secp256k1
21:16 goatpig that's G
21:16 goatpig the curve's origin point
21:18 Agro got it, thanks