Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/21

04:18 Amperture I'm looking for a way to use my full node (Core, 0.14; also have binary for the bitcore variant) to do payment verification on any given address. Optimally I would like to see if I can use some API/RPC command to feed it an address and receive all unspents, with confirmation numbers.
05:52 `mist heya fellas, how do i know if a transaction is being counted towards to balance of a wallet assuming i have the transaction id?
05:59 phantomcircuit `mist, what?
06:00 `mist say i have wallet a and wallet b, a + b = total owned btc. say i send btc from wallet a + b. To get the total i now need to do a + b + pending transaction
06:01 `mist what i want to know is, when get the balance of b, how do i know if the coins are a part of the balance or still pending confirmations?
06:05 `mist does that make any sense phantomcircuit?
06:08 phantomcircuit `mist, just sum the unspent outputs between them
06:11 `mist phantomcircuit: i only have one of the wallets and the transcation id. The other is an exchange
06:20 phantomcircuit `mist, ? so you're tyring to figure out the exchanges balance?
06:23 `mist i send alot of coins from the exchange to my wallet, and alot from my wallet out
06:24 `mist so to be able to get all the coins that i currently own i somehow need to sum up what has been sent from the exchange and what is in the wallet
06:24 `mist but when i do this right now, just adding what has been sent and what i have in the wallet i sometimes count the coins twice
06:24 `mist you see i receive a tx id from hte exchange but that might not be broadcasted for quite some time