Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/15

01:16 rusty luke-jr: doesn't your script-to-check-block-version proposal break everything except boutique P2SH users?
01:22 luke-jr boutique? I don't understand the question.
01:32 rusty So, can't use this to pay with P2PKH, or anyone not expecting to receive it, really.
01:33 rusty luke-jr: Making it more expensive to signal than the 10-byte(?) overhead would imply.
01:35 luke-jr You can, just put in in scriptSig. Plus, p2pkh is long obsolete by now.
01:36 luke-jr ironically it works better w/ p2pkh since you can decide it after you receive
01:36 luke-jr this is also one of the limitations of segwit not allowing scriptSig under signature
01:37 rusty Good point about putting it in scriptSig, weird as that feels. But I still prefer the simplicity of nVersion.
01:38 rusty luke-jr: well, not *having* scriptSig but just a stack also kills this idea for segwit.
01:38 luke-jr nVersion may be the better solution; it's probably cleaner to implement.
01:39 luke-jr rusty: segwit *could* have allowed scriptSig to simply be under signature for additional criteria; but probably someone will add that back better in a new script version
01:40 rusty The problem with nVersion is the timeout. I can't figure out how to do it in a way which doesn't have a corner case where a once-valid tx becomes invalid later.
01:40 rusty But OTOH I'm not convinced the timeout is critical, see post on bitcoin-dev.
02:03 Iriez Has anything changed in default behavior node policy regarding the default length of time to keep transactions in mempool? Im seeing a bunch of tx's that are getting re-relayed over and over and over without the owners rebroadcasting the transaction. Is this a new type of attack? Are there known business nodes that have adopted this rebroadcast behavior? (these are obviously low fee
02:03 Iriez tx's that are not confirming)
02:05 Iriez And, in a situation where there is no change and the coins are being sent to another entity (which the sender has no control over), is there any solution to this scenario? Is a double spend possible with a higher fee?
02:20 Iriez And by anything changed, i mean in core over the last few releases has any defaults changed in regards to how long unconfirmed tx's are stored