Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/10

01:16 instagibbs coin_trader, there are currently some long-standing issues with fee amounts when the wallet has a lot of inputs.
01:17 instagibbs The most egregious examples should be fixed by 0.15.
02:03 coin_trader instagibbs: define "lots" please? few dozen, few hundred, or few thousand?
02:09 instagibbs coin_trader, i didnt say "lots"?
02:09 coin_trader ok, well "a lot" same difference..
02:11 instagibbs oh hah, i scanned my response 3 times and missed it
02:11 instagibbs more than a typical user... dozens?
02:12 instagibbs see
13:19 Chris_Stewart_5 I don't think a tx can have hundred(s) of inputs while be standard
13:22 sturles Why not?
13:26 Chris_Stewart_5 sturles: I thought we had a policy set limit on how big a tx could be, but it looks like I was wrong. It looks like txs can be up to the size of the max block size
13:26 Chris_Stewart_5
13:27 solidfox is there a gui for creating multisig addresses and transaction in bitcoin-core? if not, is that something that the project would want?
13:29 Chris_Stewart_5 solidfox: It is really hard to 'quantify' who wants what in Bitcoin Core. The best way to go about it is write a pull request implementing and see what the response is
13:29 Chris_Stewart_5 I don't use the GUI so I can't give you a good answer unfortunately :-(. That functionality is available in bitcoin-cli
13:32 solidfox Chris_Stewart_5, I'd rather not write something complicated like that before finding out that it is already decided to be unwanted. If you didn't hear anything about it being unwanted that's fine, thanks.
14:18 instagibbs solidfox, you can file an issue in the github and see what people think first
14:19 instagibbs failing that, ask in #bitcoin-core-dev
14:19 solidfox instagibbs, ah thanks
14:20 instagibbs getting a feel for what the devs think, and arguing your case, is step 1 in other words
14:38 coin_trader is there a reason why confirmed transactions will still be flagged as "double spend" ? and why the low-fee version of an RBF stays in memory after the high-fee tx gets confirmed? Examples: &
14:40 coin_trader i'm going to wager this is a issue (shocker) because it's not in my node's mempool nor in tradeblock's explorer - but figured i'd report it anyways
14:42 instagibbs still reporting bc.i issues? Cute :)
14:43 coin_trader ^ lol
14:43 Chris_Stewart_5 lol
14:44 coin_trader btw props to whoever made the bumpfee code. that shit is bad-ass
14:49 goatpig This is most likely attached meta data
19:51 JackH By default, the ZeroMQ feature is automatically compiled in if the necessary prerequisites are found. To disable, use --disable-zmq during the configure step of building bitcoind:
19:52 JackH does this mean that ZeroMQ comes with the binaries of the latest bitcoin?
20:16 coin_trader the fuck happened on may 3rd? shit ton more data on my node -> pretty stark... good thing i got hella sweet data limits....