Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/09

20:58 suryab i'm trying to start a node from another node's `blocks` and `chainstate` directories
20:59 suryab according to the wiki it should be possible but for some reason i still have to `-reindex` or bitcoin throws an error
20:59 suryab i assumed that since the chainstate was prebuilt there shouldn't be integrity issues
21:02 goatpig you shouldn't have any issues
21:03 goatpig are you trying to run both nodes simultaneously?
21:06 suryab no
21:06 suryab i have a backup of a node's `block` and `chainstate` directories
21:06 suryab and I have created a new `blocks` and `chainstate` directories that contain symlinks to all the `.dat` files in the backup
21:07 suryab so all the `blk-*.dat`, etc
21:07 suryab but the backup is static
21:07 suryab so nothing is writing to the same place
21:08 suryab it's just that the node should then start writing starting after the last `blk-*.dat` file
21:08 suryab and essentially pick up where the state was left off
21:08 suryab and essentially pick up where the state left off
23:22 coin_trader is there a value OTHER than paytxfee that will affect a transaction's mining fee? has anything changed between 0.13.2 and 0.14.1 in that respect? i'm noticing a very small but consistent & variable amount of "extra" fee beyond the explicit paytxfee that gets set every few seconds. This did not occur prior to upgrading to 14.1 .... either this, or the paytxfee no longer respects
23:22 coin_trader final value "per kb" and is instead doing something specific for each inputs/output... both of these examples were with the same paytxfee of 0.0016767 BTC: and -- they were sent very shortly
23:22 coin_trader apart, any clue why is the satoshi per byte value different? since when did paytxfee become affected by number of inputs? it should be absolute size based, no?
23:24 coin_trader or it's something else... this one was with a paytxfee value of 0.0017433 ... am i crazy that it should not be doing this?
23:48 achow101 coin_trader: it's probably that if it actually used the paytxfee value that it would produce a dust output, so it just rolls that amount into the transaction fee. the goal is to reduce unnecessary outputs, especially ones that are unspendable
23:52 coin_trader ahh hmm interesting, that could very well be it