Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/05/06

11:07 nsh ' The following advisory describes Java deserialization vulnerability found in CloudBees Jenkins version 2.32.1 that leads to a Remote Code Execution.' -
11:08 nsh cc BlueMatt
23:21 CryptAxe Asking again today, I don't think anyone else was here last time. Anyways... Can anyone explain the comments about fee sniping CWallet::CreateTransaction to me?
23:22 CryptAxe I understand why txNew.nLockTime = chainActive.Height(); encourages progress of the chain, but the part after that does not make sense to me.
23:22 CryptAxe
23:22 CryptAxe "Secondly occasionally randomly pick a nLockTime even further back"
23:23 CryptAxe Doesn't this mean that occasionally the locktime is set to a value that actually encourages fee sniping?