Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/25

00:22 Chris_Stewart_5 Has anyone figured how to add bitcoind as a dependency in a .travis.yml file?
00:22 Chris_Stewart_5 I'm getting an error right now saying that bitcoind is a miner -- i'm guessing someone was abusing travis servers
00:22 Chris_Stewart_5 I just need bitcoind to run in regtest
00:52 suryab it says in BIP 144 (the protocol update to segwit) says that inv message for witness transactions don't need can use the same MSG_TX inv type, but invs in getdata messages will have the witness flag in the inv type
00:52 suryab however, what prompts nodes to use the witness flag in the inv they send back in getdata?
00:53 suryab doesn't look like any nodes sends getdata's back with the witness flag in the inv
00:53 suryab testnet* nodes
08:24 edcba hi ppl, trying to run bitcoin core 0.14.1 but it looks like i got it stuck. What is it doing at 100% cpu at splash screen and doing seemingly nothing ?
08:38 edcba hmm used the portable version looks like better but didn't succeed to unstuck the install
09:49 edcba that p2p sync is not very fast
09:50 edcba i think bitcoin core is doing too much by itself
11:34 wumpus edcba: is anything being logged in debug.log?
11:36 wumpus might be this issue:
11:36 edcba no since i erased almost everything to restart
11:36 edcba didn't get message in splash screen either
11:36 wumpus in which case it takes long, to verify unfinished blocks from last session, but will eventually come up
11:37 edcba i'll try it again when i finish sync with the portable version
11:37 edcba wumpus: i start it from scratch
11:37 wumpus especially 100% cpu means it was doing something, probably verifying blocks
11:37 edcba there is no file for it to retrieve any block
11:38 edcba anyway i'll try to reproduce it and save a procmon log
11:41 edcba i was also using external drive
11:42 edcba ok related after all i think
12:43 edcba you can't have more than 8 peers while syncing ?
14:31 brguy Hi, would like to help with bitcoin-core translations @ transifex, but Portuguese (or pt-br) is not available. How can I solve it?
16:32 edcba i know how to increase sync speed ! we can create some tokens that we will exchange between machines and that we can exchange for direct download and to prevent illimited creation of those tokens we will use some spam prevention something like hashcash...