Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/23

07:12 rugu Hi guys, I am making an online wallet with some friends for our personal use, so wanted to know, when I send a transaction via a wallet, since its not a node, where does the utxo come from? and How do the wallet providers maintain a db with relevant utxos? Could someone give some tips please?
07:13 rugu Parsing each block and maintaining a separate db for the keys belonging to the wallet, seems a bit tedious
07:19 cannon-c rugu perhaps check out coinbin, its a web based javascript wallet, it gets utxo from 3rd party services using an API i.e. for example
07:19 rugu yes but I want to learn to create that 3rd party service that provides utxo
07:20 rugu I read about the site and even trezor uses them for the same purpose
07:20 cannon-c to create own server for API purpose? maybe check out if github has source code
07:21 cannon-c trezor server source code is on github also, which may be good reference
07:22 rugu not there on github.
07:23 rugu i tried to search for it, stackexchange suggests parsing all the blocks, or running a full node and reading utxos from leveldb
07:24 rugu but handling that and the mempool of unconfirmed trasnactions becomes tricky for me
14:22 rugu anyone know how wallets track utxo of their addresses?