Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/22

05:20 rugu hey anyone know how exactly these bitcoin wallets, let users send transactions without them having the full node, as that is the only way one can get their utxo?
06:50 arubi luke-jr, re. "Segwit v2", huge ACK on item #1! for item #2, I was actually thinking somewhat the opposite, to the point of only allowing a witness for a scriptpubkey '<witness version> <32 bytes>' (p2wpkh utility will become p2wsh(p2pk) ), but I don't have a strong objection to doing it your way because I'm sure there would be uses.. could for example require a soft forked encumbrance in the witness for old scriptpubkeys that might be broken
06:50 arubi in the future.. cheers for making the case for #1. it'd clean up some code on my end at least.