Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/21

09:03 rugu From what i have read, the halving and number of bitcoins generated in written in main.cpp, but I cannot find it here.
09:05 rugu Could someone help me in locating that snippet of the code please?
09:08 arubi rugu, main.cpp is no more
09:09 rugu but then where is the code of main.cpp distributed to? I tried searching across but can't locate it.
09:10 arubi it's in many different files. the path and naming should give a hint, also `git grep`. I'm guessing it's in chainparams
09:18 rugu Thank you so much. Found it in validation.cpp.
11:13 lorenzogiust hello, doing some tests about the ZeroMQ transaction notification functionality and I realised that in regtest, unlike testnet and mainnet, every time that i restart all nodes I've been notified about all past transactions starting from block 0 but I don't understand the rationale
13:05 czaanja_ Hello, please can anyone help me to find the option for bitcoin.conf which i can use to recieve walletnotify callbacks even for transactions with unconfirmed inputs ( or accepting them to mempool in general ). I know have seen it, but can not find it now.
13:12 belcher czaanja_ walletnotify fires for transactions in your wallet
13:12 belcher so you need to importaddress <address> false in rpc
13:15 czaanja_ belcher: Sure, but it does not trigger for transactions with unconfirmed inputs
13:17 belcher it doesnt? hmm, idk
13:18 czaanja_ belcher: It does not by default, I guess it does not accept such transations in mempool, but I think there is some option to allow that. But can not find it now.
13:54 ghpg hello, I wonder if someone looked over and has reservations about merging that? it claims to reduce listunspent time by 90% for large wallets, looks great
19:25 kvnn Can anyone recommend an alternative to `bcoin` for subscribing to send/receives for particular addresses (this particular use case: ?
19:26 abpa Poll bitcoin core?
19:26 abpa Use pruning to reduce disk usage
19:29 kvnn thanks @abpa that makes sense
19:42 lorenzogiust noone can answer my question about zeroMQ?