Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/20

07:46 ren0v0 So, the chain outgrew my local SSD. So i'm trying to run the datadir on a remote NAS, however it's extremely slow. Just wondering what resources on the NAS will be being used, and if there is anything i can tweak in my NFS mount to improve things?
07:47 ren0v0 as it stands its virtually unusable, my NAS is a netgear enterprise model (not super high spec but pretty good)
12:49 instagibbs ren0v0, have you tried pruning?
16:29 lorenzogiust hello, doing some tests about the ZeroMQ transaction notification functionality and I realised that in regtest, unlike testnet and mainnet, every time that i restart all nodes I've been notified about all past transactions starting from block 0 but I don't understand the rationale
17:08 rugu Hi, I am working with bitcore-lib (nodejs) to make a wallet for my self. I can generate key pairs, import/ exports key but after I make and sign a transaction, how do I actually broadcast it on main-ne
17:09 abpa use bitcoin core to sendrawtransaction ?
17:10 rugu I didn't understand. My aim is to make a wallet, so I can't use a full node for that, right?
17:12 abpa I don't know why not
18:04 rugu if it were to be a browser wallet then how will the trasnactions get broadcasted? I am unable to find/ understand the API that can do it.'
19:24 suryab i've looked at RelayTransaction in core implementation and when it broadcasts an INV message it doesn't do anything in the inv to indicate that the transaction has a witness or not. It justs uses the msg_tx type
19:24 suryab what is the correct way to broadcast an transaction that has a witness?