Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/17

17:17 suryab i asked this here before but i'm a bit confused by the bip page for seg wit
17:18 suryab how can i create a segwit transaction without having any previously unspent segwit transactions associate with my account?
17:18 suryab my understanding is that I can't create a segwit transaction from a non-segwit p2sh utxo for example
17:20 achow101 suryab: you can't
17:20 suryab damn
17:21 suryab then how does one start using segwit transactions? is it only possible to generate through coinbase transactions?
17:21 suryab segwit* coinbase transactions
17:21 achow101 you make a transaction that creates a segwit output. then spend from said segwit output
17:22 suryab oh so I can create a tx from a non-segwit tx whose output is a segwit output
17:22 achow101 I suppose we should clarify that there is no such thing as a segwit tx
17:22 achow101 there are segwit output types
17:23 achow101 you can make segwit output types regardless of the previous outputs, and spend from segwit output types regardless of the outputs of the spending transaction
17:23 suryab right
17:23 suryab gotcha
17:23 suryab thanks
22:10 suryab to create a witness output on a transaction that only spends non-witness outputs, do i have to nest the output in a p2sh output, or can is that not necessary>
22:11 suryab it looks like that's necessary if you want the outputs still validated as usual by non-segwit nodes
22:42 tomatopeel hey I'm trying to learn blockchain stuff, I'm here at the moment - this byte string, when I put it into a hex to ASCII converter, comes out as ý}€Dk¢ Ì - is this correct?