Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/13

13:18 karelb Hey. Question. Can I somehow tell regtest node to delete transaction from mempool? (for testing)
13:18 karelb I cannot find any command for that
13:24 karelb Hm, it seems, by looking at code, that there is no command for that
13:25 karelb I need to test a code, that is depending on bitcoind, for a case of disappearing transaction from mempool.
13:29 karelb the test framework has create_lots_of_big_transactions , that might force the transaction to be "flushed out" maybe? Oh there is also the "maxmempool" option. Hm. So I can test it similarly to functional/ test
13:30 karelb by setting small maxmempool and putting a lot of transactions
13:30 karelb hm, so much work :/ it can be a call to regtest :D
13:41 weedcoder i'm working on the same thing
13:44 weedcoder mining empty blocks