Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/06

02:19 Rozal When is the release date for segwit
02:21 achow101 Rozal: segwit has already been released. It has not been activated yet. Activation is dependent on miner signalling so we cannot say when segwit will activate
02:22 Rozal Someone should put out a movie trailer for segwit to increase appeal
02:22 Rozal This BIP
09:30 wallet42 q about asicboost: which chunk is staying the same? first or second?
21:25 stiell Bitmain says "Increasing the block size will make the collisions even more difficult", is this also true in the case of the recent extension blocks proposal?
21:26 TD-Linux I don't believe it's true in either case.
21:26 stiell (not that I trust that it's necessarily true in the first place)
21:27 TD-Linux well actually there was a ml post about this
21:41 achow101 stiell: well there's more transactions that need to be hashed into the merkle tree
21:42 TD-Linux isn't that only linear scaling difficulty?
21:44 achow101 I don't think so. adding one new hash can mean requiring many more hash operations due to the tree structure
21:50 stiell Rehashing the tree with a single leaf change would be O(log N).
22:05 goatpig then force a difficulty grind in the merkle root?
22:05 goatpig wouldn't that bloat the collision space?