Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/05

05:04 opet Anyone in here moderate the mailing list? Got a quick question
05:05 opet if so, please send pm
05:05 opet ty
13:55 opet morning
13:55 opet who currently moderates the bitcoin-dev mailing list?
14:00 achow101 opet: btcdrak is a mod
14:00 opet right on, ty
14:01 btcdrak mostly inactive, kanzure is another mod
14:01 kanzure what have i done, don't push me into this
14:01 btcdrak opet: is there a problem?
14:01 opet lol
14:01 opet no
14:01 kanzure oh, the mailing list
14:01 btcdrak the ML is on fire these days, so much activity
14:02 opet was just curious. I submitted a BIP draft that simply hadn't circled back to my own inbox. I just found it in the archive, so all is well with the world again
14:02 opet much appreciate all that you do
14:02 btcdrak opet: i dont think it sends to the sender.
14:03 opet ahhh
14:03 opet ok
14:03 opet that would make sense then
14:03 btcdrak u can check on we archives if u are unsure
14:03 opet found it there
14:03 opet I should receive replies, though, correct?
14:04 opet (first submission to this list, sooo...)
14:05 btcdrak correct
14:05 opet great, ty.
14:05 opet Perhaps I should have placed [BIP Draft] in the title... oh well
14:05 opet ty again for the info
14:06 btcdrak welcome
14:07 opet any feedback on the SW-DGov draft would be much appreciated. It's not profound, but thought worthy of discussion -- if only to tell me that it's la garbage
14:08 opet on the other hand, it could solve the meaning of life... who knows. lol