Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/04/02

00:56 conman f2pool signalling version 0x20000004 and saying /EXTBLK/... anyone know what that is?
02:42 Diablo-D3 zomg its a conman
08:24 wumpus arubi: yes, amazon has GPU instances w/ NVIDIA hw
08:26 arubi but first I wanna see that I can get oclvanitygen working, try to set up the hash160 pattern as it's just accepting addresses
08:26 arubi er, wth
08:27 arubi was writing a completely different thing. anyway, thanks wumpus. will be trying to set it up at home with an nvidia card first to check if something half modern at least works
08:34 wumpus
08:34 wumpus apparently they even have FPGA instances now
08:34 wumpus yeah makes sense to check it first locally, having an instance running just for development is a waste of money
10:59 n1ce hi guys