Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/29

18:02 achow101 Whoever control's Hal finney's account is posting again:;u=2436;sa=showPosts
18:02 achow101 oops, wrong channel
18:06 ap4lmtree hi
18:06 ap4lmtree [11:05:22] <ap4lmtree> if i run a node on my desktop pc, then i can interact with it and get responses through some kind of shell commands or so?
18:06 ap4lmtree [11:05:37] <ap4lmtree> like how can you test new code with it
18:06 ap4lmtree [11:05:46] <ap4lmtree> or if you want to run a bitcoin app that relies on it
18:06 ap4lmtree [11:05:54] <ap4lmtree> relies on the blockchain
18:11 achow101 ap4lmtree: you can use the rpc command
18:11 achow101 *commands
18:15 ap4lmtree k