Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/28

19:59 JackH something is really wrong on testnet
19:59 arubi again?
20:00 JackH I got 200 conf for a tx 10 min ago, and now I see 160 confs?
20:00 arubi oh hehe, blocks incoming
20:01 arubi yea, this happens
20:01 JackH no wait, 217 now, wtf
20:01 arubi lots of blocks, probably lots of chains :)
20:01 JackH hmm?
20:01 arubi haha `bitcoin-cli -testnet getchaintips`
20:01 arubi see what I mean
20:02 JackH wtf
20:02 JackH this is all a mess
20:03 JackH its messing my testing up
20:03 arubi it'll calm down eventually, hopefully :)
20:03 JackH I am trying to connect to this dude:
20:03 JackH but this doesnt make it easier :(
20:04 arubi ah yes, that probably breaks channels
20:06 JackH the current channel I am trying to setup is not confirmed yet
20:06 JackH it only needs 6 conf...
20:06 JackH wow this is not a good place to test
20:06 JackH is testnet under attack?
20:07 arubi not sure if it's an attack, just annoying
20:07 JackH do we have any other segwit chain enabled?
20:08 arubi well if you want to connect to that guy you can't use another chain
20:08 arubi if you can set up the two nodes yourself, you can use regtest locally
20:08 JackH no but we can probably agree on something else
20:08 JackH I have tried that, works fine
20:08 JackH but want some more action between real peers
20:08 JackH its boring sending to myself
20:09 arubi maybe #lnd knows something?
20:09 JackH they are not BOLT compatible yet
20:09 arubi ah
20:09 JackH this is the only client that is ready
20:09 arubi maybe on litecoin testnet? :) not sure
20:32 JackH hmm maybe
20:34 ProfMac_ arubi, you could set up a quarantined node in a virtual machine that connects to a clone of itself, and also to your test partner.
20:37 JackH but thats not fun
20:37 arubi heh, not bad. could probably connect with someone over a regtest chain to make mining easy too. mostly I connect all regtest nodes locally but one lives in a docker and almost acts like that
20:37 JackH we need a public chain
20:38 CocoBTC Regarding Do we have a Tor icon? Do we use any particular icon set?
20:41 arubi needs someone who uses the gui to tell.. :o
20:43 CocoBTC The link is a feature request. There's a limited set of icons src/res/icons, with no reference on where they come from. I guess I can start working on the issue anyway.
20:54 ProfMac_ Oh, I'm tired of Googling and reading at the moment. Is there a curl command-line that can tell me that my test stratum server is reachable and alive?
22:17 adiabat sipa: Hey, if you're around I have a question about the bech32 checksums
22:17 adiabat the code in the BIP is basically the python code, which I can read but I'm unclear on some of the data types
22:19 adiabat basically what's the bit-length of "chk"... 32 bits, right?
23:15 stevenroose Did testnet have a big reorg recently?