Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/25

17:20 arubi is there a modern fork of vanitygen? cpu\gpu, I don't mind. need something to generate key->pubkey->hash160 with constraints on the hash160. Looks like I'll need to spin up some old-ish environment to build vanitygen as it is now
17:40 grubles arubi, there's oclvanitygen
17:40 arubi right, still need to get an old environment for that
17:41 arubi I'd do that eventually just to keep things simple, but was wondering if anyone was modernizing it at all.. I followed a modern fork on github but I still need an old env.
17:42 arubi I mean, do that if there isn't a proper modern fork
17:42 grubles oh ok i thought by modern you meant "able to utilize gpus"
17:42 arubi that would be a bonus, but I have old hardware anyway :)
17:43 grubles there's vanitypool too
17:43 grubles not sure if they support what you need though
17:44 arubi yea, I think they look for actual base58 stuff, I need to look at the hash160
17:45 arubi currently running core in a loop with datadir in ram, making 10k keys, checking, loop.. I think vanitygen will be a lot quicker :)