Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/24

02:33 sictransitgloria hey all, curious if anyone has any thoughts on why fees have been sticky, despite the fact that mempool is now down to 1.7 mb
02:33 sictransitgloria ie, bitcoind estimatefee 5 still returns around 160 satoshis/byte
18:36 ofek how do you build for Windows on Linux?
18:45 waxwing ofek: i think i found some notes :)
18:46 ofek yay!!!
18:46 waxwing
18:46 waxwing as you can see it was some time ago, ymmv :)
18:47 waxwing iirc the build dll has a dependency on some mingw stuff when you try to use it on windows
18:47 ofek oh my
18:47 waxwing maybe someone knows better/more about this
18:47 waxwing *built
18:49 waxwing there was also a note about gmp in this comment below, might conceivably be useful:
18:51 ofek waxwing, weird too that I don't see a build flag b/c it even looks like it does support Windows
18:52 waxwing well, shrug, i guess you'd have to ask them. like i say that comment tells you the configure flags for it. it does work (or, it did).
18:52 ofek ty
18:55 ofek waxwing,
18:55 ofek we'll see