Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/23

00:44 ProfMac I submitted this RFQ:
13:52 suryab yo so i'm trying to patch the core client and get it to report inv messages that it sends out to the debug log
13:52 suryab so I'm trying to figure out how the core client deserialized the raw bytes of a message?
13:52 suryab it's a bit hard to understand directly from the code
13:58 suryab i should clarify deserialize into a message object
14:55 achow101 suryab: you could just run core with debug=net
14:56 suryab does that dump messages to the debug log as well?
14:56 achow101 with inv's I think it will say what it received or sent the inv for
14:57 suryab i thought that it only puts when, for example, an in message is sent or received
14:57 suryab inv*
14:57 suryab yeah it only tells you that an inv message is sent/received i don't think it actually logs the contents of that messgae
14:57 suryab i'll try it now to make sure
14:58 achow101 I just checked. it does tell you for what
14:58 achow101 like this:
14:58 achow101 2017-03-23 14:58:20 received: inv (325 bytes) peer=2
14:58 achow101 2017-03-23 14:58:20 got inv: tx a61d6e40adbfeb3e25088b40a90e218dfd6294e25bf2ea8d73332176bdd76f0d new peer=2
14:59 suryab does it also tell you when it sends?
14:59 suryab an inv
14:59 achow101 it should
15:00 achow101 my node is still syncing so I haven't gotten those messages yet
15:22 achow101 suryab: it doesn't seem to say what it is sending when it sends an inv message
15:23 suryab yeah it's just '2017-03-23 15:23:07 sending inv (217 bytes) peer=8'
22:55 altsys hi ! newbie question : anybody knows what means the C suffix in bitcoin core source code ? CBlock, CTransaction, etc...
22:55 altsys why not just Block, Transaction, etc. ?
22:55 altsys C prefix I mean
23:13 cncr04s its just a prefix
23:14 cncr04s doesnt really mean anything, other than its a product of the naming scheme of its devloper
23:14 cncr04s like I may call stuff cncTimer
23:15 achow101 he left..
23:15 altsys back
23:15 cncr04s i answered you, you werent here
23:15 altsys checking the logs
23:16 achow101 the C is arbitrary. I would guess that it stands for "Class" as in object, but it's arbitrary and doesn't matter
23:17 altsys just curious
23:17 altsys why bother prefixing, Block or Transaction would have done just fine, nope ?
23:20 achow101 organization maybe. all of the stuff prefixed with C are all for classes related specifically to Bitcoin itself. stuff not prefixed are for internal and other general functionality
23:21 altsys ok thanks I understand now
23:22 altsys coming from the smalltalk world, by convention classes are capitalize, but not the name of method
23:22 altsys in bitcoin source code, it looks like method and classes are capitalized, so it makes sense to prefix classes with C
23:25 altsys do you know if there is somewhere a UML classes diagram to figure out the relationship between classes ?
23:35 altsys in bitcoin doc the end of money, we can see such a diagram at 42:22, does anyone know where does it come from ?
23:44 achow101 altsys:
23:44 achow101 or generate the doxygen docs yourself
23:46 altsys thanks