Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/19

03:25 Tecan was wondering if anyone know if you can make a coin to do useful work like render raycasting ?
03:25 Tecan call it society coin or something, proof of work could be rendered frames that match the quick render
03:25 Tecan scrypt miners are pretty extensible
10:15 dionyziz Hi guys. I'm running bitcoind on testnet and I'm seeing that getblockcount returns 1094565, but the value I see at is 1094721, so I'm a bit behind.
10:16 dionyziz However it doesn't seem to be syncing any more, it's stuck at that number.
10:16 dionyziz I've made a testnet transaction yesterday and I don't see the amount in my wallet.
10:16 dionyziz How can I make it sync to the latest block and see the latest txs?
10:16 dionyziz I'm using bitcoin-cli v0.13.2 and bitcoin core daemon v0.13.2 on arch.
16:01 adiabat dionyziz: try: bitcoin-cli getpeerinfo
16:02 adiabat see if you're connected to peers, and what heights they're at