Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/18

00:04 phantomcircuit Giszmo, that's right for 0.9 which applied the feerate as a minimum 1kB
00:07 Giszmo I wonder if it has much relevance at all, given fee rates are hundreds of times higher now but I ran into it, writing unit tests for Mycelium. Our lib would not consider standard a tx with size 300B and fee 600sat but I read it as this should be standard, right?
02:19 phantomcircuit Giszmo, basically at this point the minimum fee requirement is kind of irrelevant
02:19 Giszmo Thanks phantomcircuit
03:25 mol mappum, did your txs get malleated?
16:43 dionyziz Any idea why this testnet tx is not confirming?
16:44 dionyziz I sent it out about 15 minutes ago.
16:44 dionyziz There have been several testnet blocks since.
16:44 dionyziz "Received Time" in block explorer seems to be increasing every time I refresh the page.
17:04 dionyziz nevermind, it confirmed - thanks! :)