Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/15

00:28 cluelessperson Is there a BIP for a default FEE formula?
00:30 luke-jr cluelessperson: no, that's not really BIP material
00:30 luke-jr BIPs are for standards across implementations, but implementations may offer fees based on any criteria they like
00:30 luke-jr (and miners may accept them on any criteria as well)
00:30 cluelessperson luke-jr: well the formula would work on any implenentation I would think
00:31 luke-jr implementations can share code/logic as they want, but there's no need for them to do so
00:33 cluelessperson luke-jr: I think it'd be a good idea to have a standard formula for all wallets by default
00:33 cluelessperson hide it from users more
00:35 cluelessperson luke-jr: basically, it's occurring often, with every wallet, where a user uses a default fee and it doesn't work well for them
13:47 arubi so bip42 is "Unanimously Recommended for implementation" ? sweet :)
18:15 cluelessperson hi all
23:21 xmlnewbi Im trying to use fundrawtransaction, however it keeps returning "Insufficient funds" even though I have .1 btc in here and its a small tx
23:21 xmlnewbi is there a differnt reason it would return that?