Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/13

03:00 Micheal_PVR What's bitcoin's hexadecimal WIF code?
03:06 achow101 Micheal_PVR: WIF is not in hex
03:07 Micheal_PVR I understand that
03:07 Micheal_PVR but there's a hexadecimal code that determines the byte to be placed for WIF
03:08 Micheal_PVR I.E LTC would have a different code
03:08 Micheal_PVR actually, the LTC code is 0xB030
03:08 Micheal_PVR I've read that the BTC code is 0x80, but I'm having difficulties so wanted confirmation
09:19 ThomasV jonasschnelli: hi, does dbb support rbf transactions?
09:19 jonasschnelli ThomasV: the device yes,... but the app no. So.. no.
09:20 jonasschnelli ThomasV: I guess it should work with the Electrum plugin though...
09:20 jonasschnelli Haven't tried.
09:20 ThomasV where do you pass the txin sequence parameter?
09:21 ThomasV I don't see that
09:21 jonasschnelli Electrum plugin or native DBB app?
09:21 ThomasV in the electrum plugin
09:21 ThomasV I can add it if you show me how to :)
09:21 jonasschnelli It's done by douglas... Let me check.. 1sec
09:22 jonasschnelli I'd say the tx creation is in the electrum part (and not in the plugin)... i'll ask Douglas.
09:23 ThomasV also, there is a check in the plugin that seems to be copied from ledger: "P2SH / regular input mixed in same transaction not supported"
09:23 ThomasV is that a limitation of your device too?
09:24 ThomasV jonasschnelli: I don't have my device to test right now. I'm asking because we realized that the ledger plugin does not support RBF
09:24 jonasschnelli I don't think so.. Sadly, I'm not familiar with the Electrum plugin. I'll have a look.
09:24 ThomasV I will test later tonight
09:24 jonasschnelli Very likely that we also don't support it.
09:25 ThomasV ok, but it should be easy to add
09:25 ThomasV it's just one parameter
09:25 jonasschnelli Its just the INTMAX()-2 right?
09:26 ThomasV the sequence parameter value? it can be any int < INTMAX
09:27 jonasschnelli ThomasV I don't see a tx creation in the plugin, only signing. I think tx creation is handled outside the plugin. I would expect it does use the inputs nSequence you use per default in your tx creation code.
09:27 ThomasV so your device parses the native tx?
09:28 jonasschnelli No.. just creates a signature for the hash.
09:28 ThomasV oh, right, you don't display anything because there's no screen :)
09:28 jonasschnelli Yes. And the SmartVerification (requires a web-connection) is not implemented in Electrum.
09:29 ThomasV ok
09:29 jonasschnelli But we should do that so one could verify the tx over a smartphone.
09:29 ThomasV how does it work?
09:29 jonasschnelli The pairing process is a bit complex and currently only available over our desktop app.
09:30 ThomasV btw, do you plan to create a device with a screen in the future?
09:30 jonasschnelli It's a ECDH between the device and your smartphone.
09:30 jonasschnelli +xor a random blink code from the LED to avoid MITM during paring.
09:31 jonasschnelli Then, it goes encrypted over the internet from Wallet <-> Smartphone.
09:31 ThomasV I see
09:31 jonasschnelli It would be possible from the electrum plugin...
09:31 jonasschnelli Sometimes i'd prefere a screen.
09:32 jonasschnelli But,... complex transaction are much simpler to verify on a interactive smarttphone then on a 128x32pixel screen.
09:32 jonasschnelli Or if you want to sign a PDF,... not possible on a calculator size screen.
09:32 ThomasV yeah :)
09:33 jonasschnelli I'll give it a try with Electrum 2.8.0 and RBF...
09:33 jonasschnelli ThomasV: I guess you use BIP125 opt-in RBF (nSequence == intmax()-2)?
09:35 ThomasV jonasschnelli: I use nSequence = 0. is there a recommendation to use intmax -2 ?
09:35 jonasschnelli This is full-RBF i guess.
09:36 jonasschnelli Maybe check:_
09:36 ThomasV I'm checking right now
09:37 jonasschnelli Well,.. I think nSequence = 0 is also BIP125.
09:38 ThomasV jonasschnelli: well, if other wallets use maxint-2, then using 0 leaks some info about which wallet you're using
09:38 ThomasV so it's a privacy issue
09:39 ThomasV I never looked at what value other wallets use
09:39 ThomasV that'll be a new topic for the meeting :)
09:39 jonasschnelli I don't know about other, Core uses -2 (
09:40 jonasschnelli I got confused. BIP125 is opt in *full* RBF. So nSequence = 0 would also confirm to BIP125.
09:41 jonasschnelli But I think maxint-2 makes most sense for wallets.
09:43 ThomasV before I fully read that BIP, I was under the impression that you needed to increase nSequence in order to bump the fee, that's why I set it to zero.
09:43 ThomasV but I think it's better to standardize this, for privacy
09:43 jonasschnelli I think we can keep it maxint-2 for future bumps.
09:44 ThomasV yes you can
09:44 ThomasV I keep it zero, I don't increase it
09:44 jonasschnelli Yes. It should have been standardised in the BIP.
09:44 jonasschnelli Okay.. yes. We should discuss that 1st/2nd april.
09:44 ThomasV I guess it's going to be non-controversial :)
09:44 jonasschnelli AFAIK Electrum and Core are the only wallets who support BIP125 (not sure though)
09:45 ThomasV greenaddress too, no?
09:45 jonasschnelli GAit: ping.
09:46 ThomasV I'll set it to maxint-2 for now
09:46 jonasschnelli Yes. Makes sense.
10:04 ThomasV jonasschnelli:
10:04 jonasschnelli Looks good! Thanks
11:01 johtso hey, is there any way to work out why this testnet transaction I created isn't being processed?
11:03 johtso It's spending from a p2sh address with this script: 2, key1, key2, 2, OP_CHECKMULTISIG
11:04 johtso I'm using python-bitcoinlib, and the signed transaction validated successfully
22:52 Iriez Can someone explain why release notes shows 101 contributors but github only shows 24? For reference -
22:52 Iriez (yes i know thats eth sub, trying to defeat the trolls who are everywhere shitpost)
22:52 Iriez ing*
23:18 achow101 Iriez: github credits the committers, not authors, but release notes are usually by author, not committer
23:18 achow101 people who commit on github (for stuff like document changes) don't show up in the contributors list, but do show up when release notes are compiled