Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/10

09:36 palexander Question: 1) Does a pruned node function as a full node in that it relays blocks? 2)Is a node with the full blockchain only useful for other peers to sync?
09:38 conman a pruned node relays new blocks
09:39 conman it will not advertise the ability to give old blocks though so nodes connecting to it won't ask for them
09:39 palexander thanks
09:42 palexander Another question: Do I still need to add --prune argument when launching bitcon QT always, or is prune just needed to be ran once?
11:38 conman put prune in the bitcoin.conf
11:38 conman for it to keep pruning
18:19 Ge0rges Hello
18:20 Ge0rges I'm exploring bitcoin mining algorithms.
18:20 Ge0rges I was wondering if anyone has leveraged Apple's Metal to write Bitcoin mining software on iOS
18:20 Ge0rges And if anyone could provide pointers as to how one would achieve that.
18:22 abpa Bitcoin mining on iOS devices is unlikely to be effective in any configuration
18:24 Ge0rges That's for sure, but i'm doing it more as an exploration/project than to actually mine anything
20:33 esno hi, I want to write lua bindings for bitcoin. now I'm looking for a good documented c/c++ lib. is there any preferred?
20:35 arubi esno, a library for what? bitcoin core is in c++ is is probably the most extensive and flexible
21:09 esno arubi: thx.
22:07 achow101 can someone point me to some resources about what happened with the malleated block?
23:21 conman
23:30 Diablo-D3 malleated