Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/08

08:17 earlz Where is the bitcoin 0.14.0 release notes? this says it's now in the git repo, but the git repo is missing a file for 0.14.0
08:18 earlz assuming it should be in this directory:
08:54 wumpus earlz:
08:55 wumpus there's a in the distribution too but you need to look on the 0.14 branch or v0.14.0 tag
08:57 earlz thanks
08:59 wumpus there's also a PR for the site, which will be merged once it passes the checks
12:31 Jeroen BB|hmm the topic tells me that there should be no end-user support but i'll ask my question anyway since i can't get 0.14 compiled on freenas 10.3 (freebsd 9.3) and i don't know where else to go
12:32 Jeroen BB|In file included from script/sigcache.cpp:14:0:
12:32 Jeroen BB|./cuckoocache.h: In member function 'uint32_t CuckooCache::cache<Element, Hash>::setup(uint32_t)':
12:32 Jeroen BB|./cuckoocache.h:318:44: error: 'log2' is not a member of 'std'
12:32 Jeroen BB|depth_limit = static_cast<uint8_t>(std::log2(static_cast<float>(std::max((uint32_t)2, new_size))));
12:32 Jeroen BB|i see it is a c++11 thing but the Makefile does have CXX = g++49 -std=c++11
14:31 Jeroen BB|went ahead and cross-compiled it from an actual freebsd machine, it seems to work fine however the documentation is not completely correct, i'll see if i can get in a small PR for it in a few hours
14:36 wumpus I use freebsd all the time, really it should just work
14:37 wumpus 9.3 is ancient though
14:39 Jeroen BB|yeah i just figured out what the problem is basically
14:39 Jeroen BB|my jail seems to be missing libc++
14:40 Jeroen BB|it's actually freebsd 10.3 i think but the freenas version is 9.3
14:40 Jeroen BB|dunno what's up with that
14:41 Jeroen BB|sort of reverse engineering it all
14:41 Jeroen BB|compiled it and now figuring out with ldd what i actually miss
15:04 Micheal_PVR Could someone please help me with this C++ code? Essentially, I'm trying to: Generate a Keypair and encrypt the private key
15:04 Micheal_PVR
15:05 Micheal_PVR I think I'll need to utilize crypter.h to encrypt the key, but so far I'm getting access violations simply trying to take the private key to CBitcoinSecret
17:32 BlueMatt people still use this channel? wow
18:18 arubi hehe, getting some :
18:18 arubi 2017-03-08 18:04:08 Misbehaving: peer=16 (0 -> 1)
18:18 arubi 2017-03-08 18:04:08 ProcessMessages(tx, 224 bytes) FAILED peer=16
18:19 arubi can I get the transactions somehow? probably not after the fact
18:21 arubi it's still going on, if anybody runs a listening node on tor and can fetch those, lmk :)
18:29 grubles i've been getting those messages for a while (non-tor)
18:30 grubles wait no. not the misbehaving msg
18:30 arubi hmm, well I just upgraded to 0.14.0