Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/03/04

01:28 praxeology when you build bitcoin, w/ make, i see it builds tests. does make run the tests too or just build them?
05:46 earlz is there a good document yet for what all is included and changed in 0.14 ?
05:56 arubi ? :)
06:08 cannon-c 0.14 offically released yet?
06:19 arubi nope, seems like there's rc3 already on
06:21 btcdrak if there are no problems, then probably release on Tuesday.
09:15 wumpus ^
20:40 ginseng i just read through gavin's "time to roll out bigger blocks" post. what is the best resource to hear the opposite arguments (against raising blocksize), ie. from lukejr/todd?