Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/02/27

00:23 pirosb3 Hi, I'm having problems spending a OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY transaction on testnet
00:25 pirosb3 upon creating a redeem transaction for a7681326607bbb94026fca9f21563b2c1418c22b8e39638f7910e338915ead46 (testnet), adding a locktime, changing the sequence to 0, I get "64: non-final" from bitcoin CLI
00:26 pirosb3 This is my TX:
00:36 achow101 pirosb3: for one thing, your transaction version number is 0. it needs to be at least 1, I think 2 for OP_CLTV to work
00:36 pirosb3 oh interesting! I thought version was not used..
00:36 achow101 also, this transaction won't be accepted by nodes until after the locktime has passed
00:37 pirosb3 I'll change that immediately and give it a go
00:37 pirosb3 Thanks!
00:37 pirosb3 will update
00:39 pirosb3 achow101: I undated version to 2, but it's still erroring in the same way. Here is the decoded tx:
00:41 achow101 the locktime has not passed yet. locktime now uses median time past, which is the median time of the last 11 blocks
00:41 achow101 if you do getblockchaininfo, you can see what the current median time is
00:42 pirosb3 median past time? O_O that's what it was!!
00:42 pirosb3 ok, let me add that value inside
00:42 pirosb3 thanks
01:08 pirosb3 cool, achow101 now I'm getting "64 non-manatory-script-verify-flag"
01:08 pirosb3 is this an error with my script? is there any detail I can extract on to where it failed?
01:18 achow101 it's nonstandard
01:19 achow101 IIRC op_cltv is still technically a non-standard script
01:31 danielpyrathon achow101: when you say it's nonstandard, does that mean I cannot submit transactions with CLTV in them? doesn't the blockchain support them atm?
01:32 achow101 danielpyrathon: they are valid, just won't be relayed as well
01:33 achow101 most nodes don't accept nonstandard transactions
01:33 danielpyrathon really?
01:36 danielpyrathon achow101: could it be my signature not being valid?
01:37 danielpyrathon if most nodes don't accept CLTV, then why was my first transaction (using OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY) relayed?
15:07 XMG Hey, i have trouble with bitcoind. I'm running bitcoind on my localhost and generated me a wallet with addresses. I paid to these addresses, but i didnt get a balance. I dumped privkey and imported to my "normal" wallet. There I have the ballance (also in the blockchain). Does anyone know this iussue and can help me?
15:10 kinlo XMG: that's not a question for -dev, go to #bitcoin
15:11 XMG Ok thanks!
15:42 gielbier Am i correct in assuming that the current number of transactions displayed by bitcoin-cores debug window. Isn't counting replaced transaction with opt in rbf?
15:42 gielbier mempool transaction
15:42 gielbier s